Thursday, June 6, 2019

April 2019

Hello again! Here's some pics from April:

Rainy walk in the early rape fields

The new arrivals settling in!
We started with 8 hens - 6 two month olds and 2
ready to lay-ers. Sadly now have only 6.
(The high up coop evidently didn't keep out
ALL the baddies!) 

We used fleece this year on the early veg and it worked
a treat - although it doesn't look too pretty

Free wood chips on the path ways

Arches for climbing veggies

Lots of dandelions for the bees!

Now the water pipe was buried we could continue
work on the patio in front of the barn.

The main reason for building this was to get 
rid of stone and rubble from around the garden!

Building the wall /
Starting to fill with stone

Using pretty old bricks 
for decorative edging 

Stones, stones everywhere

And it's full!

Another rape walk in the sunshine

Starting a few other jobs around …
stone step onto the patio
digging out the fallen retaining wall

My mum and dad came to stay!

Obviously we roped them into helping!
Almost 6 hours of solid work later we have a patio!

To celebrate, we went to Veliko Tarnovo for a day/night

Panoramic lift in the hotel!

Arbanasi the next morning

Back home, chilling on the new patio!

We went for a 10 mile walk around the local villages

Thanks!! Bye bye! :-)